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Lisa Sabino is an Ontario Certified Teacher with special education qualifications. She is committed to supporting children and adolescents who learn differently. With a multi-faceted background and diverse experiences in teaching, educational consulting, curriculum development, and museum education/collections management, Lisa has consistently focused on putting children first. 

Her core philosophy centres on the fact that students excel when in a safe and supportive environment with responsive and intuitive teaching. Lisa focuses on highlighting real-world connections to students' learning, and enriches her teaching with integration of the arts, history, and social sciences. As both a historian and a teacher, she values using students' natural curiosities as a springboard for engaging them in deep learning and research. As a member of the Ontario College of Teachers, International Dyslexia Association and the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario, she is committed to continually enhancing her practice to best support the needs of her students. 

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We provide one-on-one customized sessions for students in grades 4-12. 

Typewriter Keys

Writing Support

 "Writing is an extremely complex process, so if you’re trying to think about the mechanics and master those at the same time you’re trying to express yourself, you have less creativity left over to think about your content—what it is you want to say.”

Natalie Wexler, Co-author of The Writing Revolution

Grades 4-12

Our goal is to engage and support reluctant writers through the writing process - Brainstorming, Organization of Ideas, Revision, Editing and Final Product


Some of our resources include: SRA Expressive Writing, The Hochman Method, Rewards Writing Program, Self-Regulated Strategy Development 

Bullet Journal

Executive Functioning Support

“Executive skills enable us to manage our emotions and monitor our thoughts in order to work more efficiently and effectively. Simply stated, these skills help us to regulate our behavior.”

Peg Dawson and Richard Guare, Authors of Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents

Grades 4-12

​Students who struggle with executive functioning benefit from consistent coaching and support. We provide systems and strategies designed to set students up for success in the following areas: Goal setting, building strong organization habits, time management, breaking assignments into manageable chunks, planning, task initiation, self regulation, study skills and note-taking. 

Math Homework

Math Support

All math can be reduced to extraordinarily simple steps. Strengthening those steps one by one is the equivalent of building scaffolding,”

John Mighton, Founder of JUMP Math

Grades 4-8

Our programs are designed to meet students where they are at - with the goal of strengthening foundational skills, filling in gaps as well as helping students to access their current math programs. 


Some of our resources include: JUMP Math, Rocket Math, Curriculum materials 

Open Book

Reading Comprehension Support

Reading is the ability to make meaning out of what it is that we read.”

Nancy Hennessy, Author of The Reading Comprehension Blueprint

Grades 4-12

Our instruction focuses on building background knowledge and vocabulary, writing about reading, and annotating texts.

Some of our resources: Lindamood Bell Visualizing and Verbalizing, ReadWorks, Carole Einstein Reading Comprehension Series, Curriculum materials

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“I truly cannot say enough about the care, guidance, and expertise that Lisa Sabino has provided to my daughter, Audrey, and to our family.  We have been with Lisa since Audrey was 7 years old and in grade 2, having been diagnosed with a learning impairment related to decoding and dyslexia.  Audrey is now an honours student, in AP academics in grade 10. 


Lisa has always worked incredibly closely with not only our family to help Audrey progress, but also with our schools and teachers to ensure Audrey is set up for success.  She has guided Audrey through the years of learning, giving her strategies and ultimately building her confidence in being able to tackle any challenge ahead of her.  They work together on techniques needed for reading, writing and oral presentations, as well as executive functioning techniques (i.e., time management) to ensure Audrey has what she needs to deliver on all of her requirements.


As a parent, it has been incredible to watch the relationship between Lisa and my daughter grow through the years.  Lisa makes learning fun, and I love to hear the laughter from the two of them as they work together.  So much of Audrey’s success can be attributed to the dedication and guidance that Lisa Sabino has given to her.  We, as a family are so grateful and would highly recommend Lisa Sabino.”

Our daughter has been working with Lisa for 4 years. Not only has Lisa’s educational expertise and pedagogical knowledge immensely contributed to our daughter’s learning outcomes, our entire family values Lisa as an persistent ally and champion. She proactively and thoughtfully tailors our daughter’s learning plan, helping her develop an array of self-directed study tools and building her independent learning skills. At every step Lisa tunes in to our daughter’s individual needs, making learning fun while creating foundational skills in a real, transferable way.”

“I must begin by thanking Lisa for her kindness, compassion, and unparalleled expertise.  She is a truly caring and highly gifted educator.  When our daughter was diagnosed with a learning disability several years ago, we were referred to Lisa for learning support.  Quite apart from providing a rigorous, top notch, and meticulously personalized curriculum for our daughter, Lisa has been an invaluable resource for us as parents who had lots of learning to do around LD.  In fact, we valued Lisa’s expertise so much that she also now works with our high-school aged son on areas like organization and executive functioning.   As well, Lisa checks in regularly with parents on the student’s progress, flags areas in need of development, and works collaboratively with parents and students to develop the best learning plan for them.  Lisa is highly professional, reliable, creative, and enthusiastic about her role as an educator.  In addition to teaching students the nuts and bolts of a particular concept, Lisa has also managed to instill in our children a high level of confidence in their abilities which has helped them successfully transition to new schools in recent years.  I cannot recommend Kaleidoscope Learning enough – Lisa is a true gem!”

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